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Mắt cảm biến cửa tự động

Mắt cảm biến cửa tự động

Giá 1,100,000 VNĐ
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Mắt cảm biến cửa tự động

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Motion sensor/radar sensor/automatic door sensor
1) Glaze radar motion sensor
2) CE Certificate motion sensor for automatic doors
3) Warranty:18 months
Technidcal specifications
- Technology :microwave and microprocessor
- Transmitter frequency :24.125 GHZ
- Transmitter radiated power :<20 dBm EIRP
- Transmitter power density :<5mW/cm2
- Maximum mounting height :3m
- Tilt angles :25 30 35 40 degrees
- Max.detection field(mounting height=2.2m):4m(w)*2m(d)
- Dection mode :motion
- Minium speed :5cm/s(measured in the sensor axis)
- Supply voltage :12V to 20V AC+/-10%;12V to 30V DC
- Mains frequency :50-60HZ
- Power consumption :<2W(VA)
- Output relay (free of potential change-over contact)
- Max.conatct voltage :42V AC-60VA(AC)
- Output hold time :0.5S
- Material :ABS
- Weight :0.1kg
- Legth of cable :2.5m


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